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The resolution of the European Parliament denotes the absence of a strategic vision on the (academic) neighborhood policy

Rabat – The resolution of the European Parliament (EP) concerning Morocco denotes the absence of a strategic vision concerning the neighborhood policy, said academic El Hassan Abyaba.

In a statement to MAP, Mr. Abyaba stressed that this resolution ignores recognized geostrategic priorities, just as it ignored, incomprehensibly, the value and strength of the strategic partnership linking Morocco to the European Union. . He pointed out, in this sense, the attitude “of certain MEPs from different European political parties who do not have the experience required to manage the interests of a continent threatened on the economic and military levels”.

After wondering about the timing of such a position, Mr. Abiyaba noted that this resolution, which is not based on any evidence, concerns Moroccan justice, which is independent.

He also maintained that “this European political position condemnable in all respects is a source of great astonishment, which in effect diminishes the credibility of the European legislative institution”.

The academic also said that such non-binding resolutions have been rejected by the executive bodies of the European Union because they only serve the interests of certain MEPs and lobbies within political parties hostile to Morocco’s interests, stressing that this position proves that leftist, extremist or populist parties exert pressure to serve agendas that sow doubt.

Expressing his indignation at the allegations contained in the European Parliament’s resolution against Morocco, he deplored that the EP does not distinguish between verdicts related to common law cases and those relating to the press.

And to continue that the resolution of the European Parliament, which remains isolated, was not supported in Europe, especially since it did not arouse any reaction and that the number of voters does not in any way indicate the position of the major parties. Europeans, considering, moreover, that the institutions of the European Union, including the EP, are no longer in a position to resolve the problems which the old continent is engulfed in at local and international level.

Through this resolution, the European parliament has opened its doors wide to populism and has become an outdated institution unable to deal with international geopolitical developments, he said.

And to conclude that Morocco was able to face up to these positions, thanks to its emerging democracy, the strength of its democratic institutions and the mobilization behind the far-sighted policy of HM King Mohammed VI who made the Kingdom into a time a regional force and an influential country in its African, Arab and international environment.



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