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France hopes to strengthen strained ties with Morocco, Algeria

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that he will continue to “move forward” to strengthen Paris’ relationship with both Algeria and Morocco.

However, media sites have said that the French government found itself “besieged at the international level and the African one in particular.”

“Morocco’s important role at the regional level hastened President Emmanuel Macron’s request of Morocco’s friendliness, in order to rebuild relations between the two countries,” one respected news site said.

France is said to have “launched hostile campaigns inside the European Parliament and other organisations against the kingdom, the latest of which was accusing Morocco of using the Pegasus spyware.”

He declared his plan to improve relations with the North African states before he embarked on a tour of four countries in Central Africa; Gabon, Angola, Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Analysts interpreted the timing of the announcement as an expression of a feeling among the French elite that Paris has lost his influence in Africa.

Yesterday, Burkina Faso announced the suspension of the “military assistance agreement” signed in 1961 with France, weeks after it requested the withdrawal of French troops from the country.

“We must build a new balanced, mutual and responsible relationship with the countries of the African continent,” Macron said.



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